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I can't believe I'm doing this again.


Full of ideas on a BIg Sur cliff.


Resting amidst the chaos of unraveling plans.


Everyone starts somewhere.

Do you know what it's like to feel different?

I do, and I bet you do too.

I am an artist who started a business in 2002 and traveled in an old van for fifteen years vending the products I created at music festivals and concerts all over the country. Independence and the freedom to build my business in my own way and on my own schedule wasn't just what mattered most to me - it was the only way I knew how to be. 

After taking a couple years off the road, I gained the perspective to put my stories in writing and realized in the process how much the feeling of being different is a part of everyone's unique experience. Now with a balance between home and travel, my business continues to grow as I add creative outlets. 

Here's where you can read things I write, get news about my book in progress, find links to my company sites, and purchase products featuring my art.

Featured Posts

Alcohol Free, Specifically

In the beginning, not drinking was about supporting my partner, but it quickly became something I knew I had to do to heal myself and become the person I wanted to be. Here's what alcohol free means to me and why I made this choice. 

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Not Like Other Girls

In recent years, Milennial feminists have taken issue with the expression “not like other girls.” To do so discredits what my generation and the one before mine experienced to get to a point where that argument could even be made. 

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What I've Been Reading

These are the books I've been reading while I've been writing my book. Some moved me more than others, but each one helped me to unlock a piece of my puzzle, and all of them have given me courage to share my story.

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