Taylor Swope

I am the founder of Little Hippie and the co-founder of Outcasty Designs. Both business feature my artwork, more of which can be found on my portfolio site. I live in Brooklyn in a loft-ish apartment that I custom built with the help of friends and my father. In my free time I like to move my body - in the water, in the woods, on a yoga mat, on a dance floor, or down a mountain. An obsessive reader since childhood, I started journaling in third grade and have been writing for the fun of it ever since.

My writing has appeared on Pando.

My artwork has been featured by the Wall Street Journal.

I can be heard in conversation on the following podcasts:

Strangers Stopping Strangers November 2016
Dream Nation Love February 2017
Helping Friendly Podcast  June 2018
Hound Tall July 2018