Grow Your Own Radish Sprouts

Radish sprouts are so easy to grow! Radish seeds turn in to radish sprouts in only a few days. Radish sprouts make a great addition to many meals, and radish sprouts can be eaten on their own as a delicious, nutritious and hydrating snack full of fresh flavor! For those of us who don't live somewhere with outdoor space, growing radish sprouts in your kitchen is a great way to bring a tiny bit of indoor gardening in to your life.

Freshly grown radish sprouts on windowsill

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How to grow radish sprouts:

  1. First you'll need seeds. Radish seeds can often be found in the bulk section at your local health food store. I haven't found a good source for sprouting seeds locally in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, so I ordered some on Amazon
  2. Soak seeds overnight in water away from light. You can use a mason jar with a sprouting link and put it in a cupboard, or an opaque bowl with a lid left open a crack on the counter. Depriving them of light is what pushes them to go looking for it, making them grow quickly.
  3. Drain radish seeds in the morning & rinse. You'll notice a slight sulphuric smell. This is normal, and it will fade as they grow. Return rinsed seeds to your jar in the cupboard or covered bowl on the counter.
  4. Repeat step 3 in the evening and again morning and evening the next day. If it is cold where you leave, you will probably need to do this step again for a third day. As your sprouts grow, they will start to look fuzzy. When I first started sprouting I trashed a bunch of batches of sprouts mistaking that fuzz for mold. The fuzz is actually the radish seed just doing its thing as it grows from a seed in to a sprout.
  5. Your sprouts will shed their seed hulls as they grow. To remove the hulls (optional step) from your batch of sprouts, fill the bowl your sprouts are in with water to float the hulls to the surface and skim off with your fingers.
  6. On the morning of day 3 (or 4 in colder climates), rinse your sprouts and transfer them to a transparent container. 
  7. Put transparent container with radish sprouts in the window for a few hours. This will give them a chance to green and will increase the nutrients making your sprouts even healthier to eat. Make sure if it's hot in your window that you keep sprouts moist while they are greening to keep them from shriveling up. 
  8. Rinse sprouts again and transfer to the refrigerator. The cold will intensify the spice, so if you are looking for a milder radish sprout, leave them on the counter. Continue to rinse daily until you've consumed the whole batch. If you refrigerate your sprouts, they will last up to a week. The warmer it is in your kitchen, the shorter their life span will be.
  9. Start a new batch. The night after my sprouts are ready to eat, I soak a new batch of seeds to start the next batch.
  10. Eat your sprouts! Add radish sprouts to soups, sandwiches salads or anywhere else you'd like an extra kick of flavor! 

Bagel with cream cheese and freshly grown radish sprouts



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