Every Plasma Donation has a Touch of Grey

I donated plasma yesterday. I knew I'd get cold, so I brought my Rocket Pop Fleece Blanket to keep warm in the air conditioning. When I was done, the technician at the NY Blood Center who did my draw asked to see the design. He had already figured out that I made it after asking me what I do for a living as he was settling me in to the chair. When I held it up and explained that it was a Grateful Dead thing, he lit right up and said, “I met one of them! The one with the glasses who had a transplant!” He went on to tell me that Phil Lesh had come in there years ago to thank the technicians for providing the platelets that saved his life with his liver transplant, adding that his favorite song was the one about the clouds with the silver linings. I can donate two more times, so I told him I’d see him again soon. ❤️⚡️🩸

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