New York on the Eve of the End of the Pause

With New York City at the end of a most unusual era this evening, I want to raise a virtual toast to everyone else who made it through 2.5 months of sudden quarantine in your apartment. While all of us had our own ups and downs, no resident of this city wasn’t challenged by this experience, and I’d venture to guess there was no single person in all five boroughs who wasn’t frightened, lonely or both at least once since the beginning of March. Life here in the time of coronavirus was on some days truly the worst, but other days offered such stunning rays of light as citizens came together and redefined what local meant. I am proud of what New Yorkers did for each other this spring, and I’ve come to love this city more than ever, because it has never been more New York than it is right now. Amazing things are going to happen here this summer. They already are.

I’m especially raising my glass to all the other women who sheltered solo. This is an extra special time to be an entrepreneur, and I am grateful to have seen how other independent women navigated such unexpected circumstances.

I read an article a while ago that said most of us will forget what it was like to be on lockdown because our memories from day to day won’t be distinct enough to retain. As we transition in to “remember when” tomorrow, I know for certain this is a phase of life I will never forget.

Cheers, friends.

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